A comprehensive, deep dive set of educational videos
that will teach you how to trade the Forex market from A to Z confidently.

Course Syllabus

FXGU will guide you from the very basics to advanced techniques used by Forex Gentleman’s lead and longtime active trader, David Dotan.  Learn step by step, in a visual format, how David succeeds in the market where the majority don’t.

  • FXGU Intro Video 
  • Video 1:  What is Forex? 
  • Video 2:  Participants of the Forex Market 
  • Video 3:  Reading Currency Pair
  • Video 4:  Bulls & Bears 
  • Video 5:  Broker’s
  • Video 6:  What is a pip?
  • Video 7:  Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) 
  • Video 8:  Ask/Bid/Spread 
  • Video 9:  What is Take Profit (TP) & Stop Loss (SL)?
  • Video 10:  Order Types 
  • Video 11:  Sentiment Analysis 
  • Video 12:  Fundamental Analysis  
  • Video 13: Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) 
  • Video 14:  Top Down Analysis 
  • Video 15:  Support/Resistance 
  • Video 16:  Trend Lines/ Fibonacci
  • Video 17:  Push/Exhaustion 
  • Video 18:  Price Action
  • Video 19:  Entry 
  • Video 20:  Take Profit (TP) 
  • Video 21:  Stop Loss (SL) 
  • Video 22:  Trade/Money Management  
  • Video 23:   Compounding
  • Video 24: Psychology
  • Video 25:  Live Analysis Examples
  • Video 26:  Welcome to the Forex Gentleman Community


(or 3 x $250)



Gabriel Kaplan  (South Africa) 

“I just can’t say enough about David and FXG community!! David has simplified the charts to the point it has become second nature to me. For the last 4 months I been able to create an additional stream of income for my family and reduce my hours on my current job,so I can spend more time with my daughters. The best thing about David is -he teaches you to be an independent trader rather to be dependent on him and his signals! David and FXG community changed my life, and I always will be part of this family!”


Marcus Knoll ( Ohio USA) 

“Simplification, simplification, simplification – he really has outdone himself this time!”


Travis Ketner  (New York USA)   

” David has changed my perspective of the FX market.  I spent most of my time trading Futures and Bonds, after taking FXGU and being apart of the Forex Gentleman community, now roughly 85% of my trading activity is on the FX market and my returns have been far better.” 


Sam Yue (Singapore) 

“Just brilliant! FXG has surpassed anything I could have wished for.” 


Chris Dalton (Toronto CAN) 

“Did know much about the financial markets before joining team FXG and taking the FXGU course.  Just over one year later I took the jump to make this my full time gig and never looked back.  Thank you David!”  


Yusef Mohammed (UAE) 

” Clear, concise and worth every minute”  


Graig Newman (Atlanta USA)

” I blew three accounts before joining team FXG. Over the last three months I have gained steady returns which I have never been able to do before.  My confidence is sky high, thank you David and team FXG!  


Stephanie Brand (London U.K) 

” If you are not apart of FXG then you are making a big mistake. It is un-parallel to anything I have seen before.”  


Charles Leclerc (Paris France) 

” The way David has simplified the charts is nothing but outstanding.  He is a genius at what he does.” 


This isn’t rocket science. David wants to show the world that creating another income stream is at anyone’s fingertips. If he can do it, so can you.

Freshman Year:
What is Forex?
Participants of the Forex Market
Reading Currency
Bulls & Bears
What is a Pip?
Sophomore Year
Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC)
Ask, Bid, Spread
Take Profit & Stop Loss (TP/SL)
Order Types
Junior Year:
Sentiment Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
Non-Farm Payroll (NFP)
Senior Year
Top Down Analysis
Identifying Trend-Lines
Importance of Fibonacci
Market Flow (Push & Exhaustions)
Identifying All Areas of Sensitivity
Price Action
Importance of Engulfing Candles
Double Confirmations
David’s Strategy
Risk Management
Phycology of Trading
Past Live Market Analysis (reference)

Absolutely. The first chunk of videos in this course was made for people with no prior knowledge of the FX market. For example, the first video is titled ‘What is Forex?’.
FXGU will take you from a novice to an advanced trader.

Yes absolutely. Although you will likely skip the first handful of videos, this course will teach you step by step how David executes his trades in detail. Don’t be surprised if you learn a handful of new tips and tricks along the way.

Forex Gentleman University will be available in both English and Spanish. 

David’s style of trading is unique, however, if it were to be defined he would describe it as a form of swing trading. David uses his knowledge and skill set to find technical entries in the same direction of fundamental bias. He has found an abundance of success with his trading style over the past twelve years which has allowed him to expand his business and investment portfolio.

David keeps his indicator game to a minimum. Instead, he focuses on identifying areas of importance and sensitivity such as demand zones, trend lines, and Fibonacci levels. However, he does use 25 & 50 EMA (exponential moving average) to determine entry on the occasion limit order entry.

Yes. David does fundamental research and once the fundamental directions are set he then looks for technical entries in the same direction of fundamental bias. However, David does not trade fundamentals alone and explains why in the course.

You will be given full access to David’s strategies in video format. David will take you through a journey which simplifies the complicated. You will see the market through a new and confident lens. This course is not presented through a book or textbook, but rather in a visual format using a high-tech monitor to expedite your learning process.


(or 3 x $250)


Learn To


From A-Z and execute with confidence!