China market

Reaching Out to China

If you’re looking for new markets or investment frontiers, you should not ignore China.  It is already the second largest economy in the world, and likely to maintain its fast-pace growth for some time to come.  China receives a lot of bad press focused on perceived obstacles to further growth,

Currencies in Peril

We discussed the future of Turkish Lira in a previous article, but this is far from an isolated case of a currency in crisis –  Argentina peso, Indonesian rupiah, South African rand, Chilean peso, Iranian rial, Russian ruble, and even Chinese yuan have all been falling, albeit some more dramatically

Cannabis Stocks: A boom or bust?

Call it the green-rush or an unsustainable-bubble, the cannabis investment scene in Canada is an intriguing market for active investors and passive observers alike.  Are we witnessing a “boom” in a newly legalizing industry, or is it a “bubble” that is bound to burst like the .com bubble of the
Cannabis Industry Growth

Cannabis Industry Growth

In order to understand investment trends and cannabis stock prices we need to understand the industry’s make up and its growth potential.  There is a tendency to take the market for granted and assume that the companies are claiming a stake as legalization unfolds, but the story is much more complicated and, every decision requires careful study before buying or selling existing stocks, investing in IPOs, or participating in private placements.  We can’t provide you with a comprehensive study in a couple of pages, but at least offer a few reference points.

Analysis of the Turkish Lira Crisis

The history of currency markets tells us that where there is turmoil, there is opportunity for wise investors to make money; whether by speculating on short-term corrections, or by playing the long-game by analyzing macro trends in the economic and geopolitical movements of a country, currency crises create investment opportunities. 

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